- natures resistence - 

- silent violence, quiet, calm, powerful, fascination 
- nature takes it all back 
- Slowly, with silent force, the roots of massive concrete break through, concrete that was 
once supposed to withstand rocket and bomb attacks. 
- Nature survives everything and slowly returns with patience. 
- She‘s taking back everything she once owned. 
- It won‘t be like before, but it‘ll be something new.

This project was created as part of my design project, Stories of the Forest. In this project, I decided to tell the mysterious and powerful story of the forest. In my book, I tell of violence haunted, deserted and almost forgotten places. The aim of the project is to show peace between nature and buildings with the images. I would like to point out that peace is also returning to a place that is associated with violence.

photography: Sarah Milena Metzger
design: Sarah Milena Metzger
text: Sarah Milena Metzger
Cover design

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